Support our conservation work by supporting our birds!

Symbolically adopt one of our banded birds. During Virtual Bird Bash 2020, we will be filming a Facebook Live video documenting our bird banding session. This is your chance to symbolically adopt one of the birds in the video or one that we've previously banded. Birds are caught when the fly into our mist nets and are safely extracted by our volunteer extractors. Bird banding allows us to keep track of individual birds over time and space. If a bird is caught later by us or another banding station somewhere else in the world, the catcher can look up the band number and know when and where the bird was banded, as well as its measurements. This is an important tool for bird research, which is why we do it monthly on our property.

With this adoption, you will be emailed an official adoption certificate and go into our records as the symbolic adopter. If your bird is caught again here or anywhere else in the world, you will be notified!

Adoptions will be first-com, first-serve and birds will be adopted out as they are banded. The video will end by 10 AM on July 18, 2020. Because we don't know what birds we will catch or how many, we cannot accept requests for certain types of birds or guarantee that your bird will be one of the ones in the video. If by the end of the video we still have adopters without birds, they will be adopting previously banded birds from other banding sessions.