Adopt a Wilson’s Plover Chick (Saturn)


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This is Saturn, one of this season’s Wilson’s Plover chicks. Saturn was named after the Roman god of plenty, agriculture and time. Saturn is often found tending to his crops, which he sells at the local farmer’s market. Saturday is his favorite day of the week, as it is named after his god namesake (although he feels like it’s his day, too!). Saturn was banded on 6/15/20, and his band number is 2501-84626.

The Wilson’s Plover is a shorebird species of high concern that GCBO researchers and protects. These birds nest on the sand and shells of our Texas beaches and scurry around the dunes inter-tidal zone finding invertebrates to eat. Their chicks are precocial, meaning that they can walk and feed themselves almost immediately after hatching. Our biologist Taylor and intern Morgan have been monitoring these birds all season, and have gotten to know the parents and their chicks!

When you adopt a chick, you will receive a photo of your chick, and an adoption certificate. Your adoption fees will go towards GCBO’s efforts to research and protect birds like these chicks!