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Flight Forever Legacy Circle

Flight Forever Legacy logo2Leave a Legacy for the Birds

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory formed the “Flight Forever Legacy Circle” to ensure the long-term conservation of our migratory birds and their habitats. Perpetuate your love of birds and the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory beyond your lifetime. By making a planned gift – through your will or estate plan, a bequest, a trust, a retirement plan, or an insurance policy – you can create a personal legacy that will have a strong and lasting impact for birds and conservation into the future.

If you have already included Gulf Coast Bird Observatory in your estate plans, we hope you will let us know so that we may honor you in our Legacy Circle membership. Your willingness to be listed as a member encourages others. However, if you wish to remain anonymous please let us know of your plans on a confidential basis so that we may send you special insider updates and event invitations.

Legacy Circle members receive exclusive invitations to special events and trips. If you are considering a Legacy gift, please email Martin Hagne or call 979-480-0999 to discuss your plans.

General Operations Endowment Fund

This is our General Operations Endowment where donations are invested and earn income that we can use for general operations. Your donation is never spent, but sits in the endowment where it earns investment income. That income is a huge help to GCBO’s day to day operations.

Many grants GCBO receives are for project-specific purposes. The operations endowment will provide operational support for administrative salaries and expenses that are not covered by these grants, and for which fundraising is an additional challenge for non-profit organizations.

To help us grow this important endowment fund, please click the Donation button below and chose “General Operations Endowment” in the drop down menu. This helps us keeps the doors open and the lights on – THANKS for your support!

Donate to General Operations Endowment Fund

Land Acquisition Fund

We do not necessarily want to own conservation land ourselves, so we created a unique approach to conservation of land for bird and other wildlife. An endowment was created with the help of a private donor many years ago.

Funds donated to GCBO for land conservation in the U.S. by our private and corporate donors are placed in an endowment and invested by a financial firm. The principal donations invested are never touched, and are left to earn more conservation funds.

The fund then uses the investment income to grant funds to like-minded conservation NGO’s that are buying land along the coast of the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Conservation land acquisition projects along the Gulf Coast in any of the gulf coast states from Florida to Texas are eligible. We typically help fund one project per year.

Click here to see what projects we have helped conserve!

Donate to Land Acquisition Endowment

More ways to support GCBO

There are many ways to support the various conservation efforts of GCBO.


Do you shop on Amazon? Who doesn’t right?! Well now you can support GCBO while you’re doing that shopping and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Everybody wins! All you have to do is sign GCBO up as your Amazon Smile recipient and then do your shopping through the Amazon Smile site instead of the regular Amazon site. You’ll have access to all the same products that you do on the Amazon site and you can use your existing account too so no worries there. Just go to AmazonSmile and enter Gulf Coast Bird Observatory in the charity box. On the next screen click on Select next to our name and you’re all set. Just remember to do your shopping on Amazon Smile from now on. GCBO and the birds thank you!

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When you search with and make purchases, a percentage is donated to the cause of your choice.

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Kroger Community Rewards

If you shop at Kroger, you can register your Kroger Plus card to donate your rewards to GCBO!

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