Lesson Plans:

Download this lesson plan which includes the activities “The Right Beak for the Job” and “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music.” Lesson Plan 1

Bird call sheet for “The Sound of Music Activity” Bird Call Sheet

Biomes and Adaptations lesson Plan: This includes the Biomes and Adaptations lesson plan and its corresponding activity sheet. Learn characteristics that make biomes unique and how plants and animals adapt to their biomes.

Biomes and Adaptations Lesson Plan and Activity

Crafts and Activities: 

Hummingbird Finger Puppet: Learn a little about hummingbirds, then color and create your own hummingbird finger puppet!

Hummingbird finger puppet sheet

Jellyfish: See how trash can be mistaken for food by birds and sea turtles. This surprisingly easy craft is sure to brighten any room!

Jellyfish sheet

Jellyfish video tutorial on Tiktok 

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals Activity Pack: Learn about nocturnal and diurnal animals through fun activities and a wearable craft!

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals Activity Pack

Memory Match Game: Learn bird identification through this fun match game!

Memory Match Sheet

Bird Banding Handout: 

If you are interested in bringing students to watch us band birds, please contact Celeste Silling at csilling@gcbo.org.

We can accommodate smaller groups in such a way that students will have the chance to practice taking measurements on live birds!

This is the activity sheet we will be using: Bird Banding

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