At Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, we approach bird conservation through three main avenues; Land Protection, Avian Research, and Education and Outreach.

With our Land Protection efforts, we strive to conserve important habitats that are used by birds and other wildlife. We focus on land on the Gulf Coast, as well as land in Central and South America, because many of the migratory birds we see here spend half their lives in those places.

With our Avian Research work, we study vulnerable bird species in our region, and the threats that they are facing. With this work, we strive to accumulate, assess, and distribute high quality bird population and conservation information that will educate as well as provide a scientific basis for the protection of birds and their habitats around the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

With our Education and Outreach efforts, we aim to share our love of birds with our local community and the rest of the world. We believe that the more people know about birds and the obstacles they face, the more they are willing to help. To learn more about our three methods of conservation, click the links below.