Oystercatcher Diaries 2016: Field Week 8

By Susan Heath Finally some good news! But…. You’ll have to read the blog to find out what it is! We moved our survey from Wednesday back to Tuesday in response to the weather report. When Tim, Alan, and I started the day it was beautiful. Slight wind, blue sky, calm waters. It was the kind of day that makes … Read More

Oystercatcher Diaries 2016: Field Week 7

By Susan Heath I was joined by Susan Long and Alan Wilde with boat captain Tim Long for our oystercatcher survey on Tuesday, May 10th. Unfortunately, it is a sad story to tell with only a few high points. We did our route in reverse because the wind was supposed to build in the morning and we wanted to get … Read More

Beach Nesting Birds Project 2016: Update 3

By Amanda Anderson Over the last two weeks we finished putting up the symbolic fencing and area closures at Matagorda Bay Nature Park. We closed off the remaining side roads to provide protection for birds nesting around the ephemeral wetlands and among the dunes. There are now 97 signs at the nature park thanks to the muscle power of several … Read More

Oystercatcher Diaries 2016: Field Week 5 & 6

By Susan Heath We weren’t able to make our scheduled trip on Monday, April 18 because of the weather and the first time we could get out was Friday, April 22. John Wright escorted us on his boat and I was joined by Alan Wilde, Amanda Anderson, and Shelly Fisher. If you’ve been reading this blog for a couple of … Read More

Beach Nesting Birds Project 2016: Update 2

by Amanda Anderson The nesting season for Wilson’s Plovers has officially begun at Bryan Beach and the Matagorda Bay Nature Park! The breeding habitat at Bryan Beach is located behind the primary dunes and consists of predominantly mudflats and ephemeral wetlands with some upland/dune areas along the edges. This nesting habitat is preferred because it provides abundant food resources. I … Read More

Oystercatcher Diaries 2016: Field Week 4

By Susan Heath I made another round of West Galveston Bay on Wednesday, April 6th. I was joined by John Wright who chauffeured us in his boat along with Scott Buckel and Debbie Repasz. We started in Jones Bay checking on the two pairs that have chicks there. The wind was really blowing so the chicks were all hidden in … Read More

Beach Nesting Birds Project 2016: Update 1

By Susan Heath We kicked off our Beach Nesting Birds project this week! This year we are fortunate to be joining Houston Audubon and the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program monitoring nesting Wilson’s Plovers through an American Bird Conservancy grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Our shorebird technician, Amanda Anderson, will be monitoring nesting Wilson’s Plovers at … Read More

The Oystercatcher Diaries 2016: Entry 3

By Susan Heath I can’t believe that March is coming to a close but that it is and the oystercatcher breeding season is in full swing. I was going to build up to it but I just can’t hold it in. We’ve got chicks folks! We headed out from Tim Long’s dock to check on the pairs in Jones Bay. … Read More

The Oystercatcher Diaries 2016: Entry 2

By Susan Heath On March 11 I made another round of West Galveston Bay with Alan Wilde, Chuck Snyder, and John Wright. John took us out on his boat and again it was a sweet ride! John did a great job chauffeuring us around to the different locations. Last time we found six nests and Alan found an additional one … Read More

Quintana Spring Fling

Migration is heating up on the Gulf coast. Twice each year, billions of birds, entire species, swarm across the globe, traveling thousands of miles as they migrate between breeding and wintering grounds – stopping en route to refuel at coastal stopover sites. Every year this spectacle attracts hordes of local and out of town birders who descend upon stopover sites throughout … Read More

Smith Point Hawkwatch report for Nov 15

Smith Point Hawkwatch report for Nov 15. Moderate northeast wind shifted to east midday. The last day, always a little sad but you know it is the right time to wrap it up. This is a wonderful site to hawkwatch and to enjoy the species richness of all the other flying creatures. Thanks to all […]