Nature Notes is a weekly article written by GCBO staff members and volunteers. Articles are written about interesting stories, fascinating species, and other environmental topics. All of our authors are avid birders, so you can expect to read a lot of bird-related Nature Notes! In these articles you can read about everything from sea foam to turkeys to the science of migration. We write about anything that we find fun and interesting, so Nature Notes are always entertaining!

These articles are published in many local papers all along the coast of Texas, bringing GCBO’s passion for nature and wildlife to audiences that might not normally be exposed to it. Our mission with these writings is to educate the public about the wonders and issues going on in our environment and to get people thinking about natural world around them!

If your publication is interested in Nature Notes, please contact education and outreach manager Celeste Silling at or call our office at 979-480-0999.

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Dragonflies by Celeste Silling, July 31, 2021

July Beach Nesting Birds Update by Taylor Bennett, July 24, 2021

Skunks by Sue Heath, July 17, 2021

An Established Exotic by Martin Hagne, July 10, 2021

Caterpillars by Celeste Silling, July 3, 2021

June Beach Nesting Birds Update by Taylor Bennett, June 26, 2021

The Science of Bird Sounds by Sarah Belles, June 19, 2021

Turtles by Sue Heath, June 12, 2021

Grackles by Martin Hagne, June 5, 2021

Summertime Snakes by Sarah Belles, May 29, 2021

Beach Nesting Birds Project by Taylor Bennett, May 22, 2021

Virtual Nature Festivals by Celeste Silling, May 15, 2021

Mississippi Kites by Sue Heath, May 8, 2021

Nighthawks by Martin Hagne, May 1, 2021

How Birds Use Tools by Celeste Silling, April 24, 2021

Shorebird Projects Update by Taylor Bennett, April 17, 2021

Roseate Spoonbills by Sarah Belles, April 10, 2021

I Found a Baby Bird, Now What? by Sue Heath, April 3, 2021

Vultures by Martin Hagne, March 27, 2021

What To Feed the Birds by Celeste Silling, March 20, 2021

Black-bellied Plovers by Taylor Bennet, March 13, 2021

Wildlife Fallout After Extreme Weather by Sarah Belles, March 6, 2021

American Robins by Sue Heath, February 27, 2021

Birds Staying Warm by Martin Hagne, February 20, 2021

Invasive Species by Celeste Silling, February 13 2021

American Avocet by Taylor Bennett, February 6 2021

Tree Swallows by Sarah Belles, January 30 2021

Goldfinches by Sue Heath, January 23 2021

Bird Strikes by Martin Hagne , January 16 2021

Winter Adaptations by Celeste Silling, January 9 2021

Snowy Plovers by Taylor Bennett, January 2 2021


Pied-billed Grebes by Sarah Belles, December 26 2020

Butcherbirds by Susan Heath, December 19 2020

Winter Bird Invasions by Martin Hagne, December 12 2020

Marine Debris by Celeste Silling, December 5 2020

Ospreys by Taylor Bennett, November 28 2020

Moon Jellyfish by Sarah Belles, November 21 2020

Feeling Ducky by Susan Heath, November 14 2020

The Brazoria Palm by Celeste Silling, November 7 2020

A Piping Plover Story by Celeste Silling, October 31 2020

Hummingbird Facts 4 by Kay Lookingbill, October 24 2020

Hummingbird Facts 3 by Kay Lookingbill, October 17 2020

Hummingbird Facts 2 by Kay Lookingbill, October 10 2020

Hummingbird Facts 1 by Kay Lookingbill, October 3 2020

Why Grow Native Plants? by Celeste Silling, September 26 2020

Marbled Godwit by Taylor Bennett, September 19 2020

Bowerbirds by Sarah Belles, September 12 2020

Hummingbird Migration by Susan Heath, September 5 2020

Birds and Gulf Storms by Martin Hagne, August 29 2020

Virtual Birding Festivals by Celeste Silling August 22 2020

Gull-billed Terns by Taylor Bennett, August 15 2020

Dragonflies by Morgan Barnes, August 8 2020

Mexican Eagles by Susan Heath, August 1 2020

Northern Cardinals by Celeste Silling, July 18 2020

Ghost Crabs by Taylor Bennett, July 11 2020

Wildlife Myths by Morgan Barnes, July 4 2020

Cowbirds by Susan Heath, June 27 2020

Kites with no Strings Attached by Martin Hagne, June 20 2020

Balloons by Celeste Silling, June 13 2020

Wilson’s Plovers by Taylor Bennett, June 6 2020

Opossums by Morgan Barnes, May 30 2020

Nighthawks by Susan Heath, May 23 2020

Birding the Pandemic by Martin Hagne, May 16 2020

What Makes Hummingbirds Special by Celeste Silling, May 9 2020

Least Terns by Taylor Bennett, May 2 2020

Aposematism by Morgan Barnes, April 25 2020

We Need to be Oystercatchers by Susan Heath, April 18 2020

Too Much of a Good Thing by Martin Hagne, April 11 2020

Cats and Birds Dont’t Mix by GCBO Staff, April 4 2020

Semipalmated Plovers by Taylor Bennett, March 28 2020

Murders, Ambushes and Prides, Oh My! by Morgan Barnes, March 21 2020

An Amazing Pelican Journey by Kay Lookingbill, March 14 2020

Thunderbirds Over Texas by Martin Hagne, March 7 2020

The Science of Brewing Beer by Celeste Silling, February 29 2020

Mysteries of the Moon Snails by Taylor Bennett, February 22 2020

The Curious Case of the Puffin Face by Morgan Barnes, February 15 2020

Why No Birds? by Martin Hagne, February 8 2020

Birds in Love by Celeste Silling, February 1 2020

Purple Martins by Sue Heath, January 25 2020

Longnose Spider Crabs by Taylor Bennett, January 18 2020

Why Count Birds? by Martin Hagne, January 11 2020

White Nose Syndrome by Celeste Silling, January 4 2020


Support the Birds This Christmas by Sue Heath, Dec 28 2019

Sanderlings by Taylor Bennett, Dec 21 2019

The Biology of Migration by Celeste Silling, Dec 14 2019

How Birds Flock by Celeste Silling, Dec 7 2019

Turkey For Thanksgiving by Sue Heath, Nov 30 2019

The Mighty Red Knot by Taylor Bennett, Nov 23 2019

Vultures: Nature’s Cleanup Crew by Martin Hagne, Nov 16 2019

How Owls Hunt by Celeste Silling, Nov 9, 2019

Sinkholes by Heather Hill, Nov 2, 2019

Blackbird or Black Bird? by Sue Heath, Oct 26 2019

Native Plants by Chris Kneupper Oct 19 2019

Wrack by Taylor Bennett, Oct 12 2019

Smith Point Hawk Watch by Sue Heath, Sept 28 2019

Nature’s Echo by Martin Hagne, Sept 21 2019

Black Skimmers by Taylor Bennett, Sept 7 2019