Smith Point Hawk Watch 8/13/19 (0 raptors)

Joe Kennedy did the count today. No migrating raptors but lots of other stuff to see! A local Osprey picking branches from the east motte. Making a nest this late? Four young of the year Turkey Vultures being bullied by some Black Vultures. Seems the best show was the Upland Sandpipers. Joe counted 269 total with most flying low over … Read More

Smith Point Hawk Watch starts tomorrow!

Howdy y’all, It’s July 31st and you know what that means? The Smith Point Hawk Watch starts tomorrow! We brought the trailer over last Friday and got everything at the tower set up. Bob Baez has returned as counter for this 20th season. To celebrate our 20th season, we have some great t-shirts with artwork by Cin-Ty Lee featuring the … Read More

Smith Point Hawk Watch 8/12/16 (0 raptors)

Bob reports strong south winds and no migrating raptors today. He did see a local Osprey and a local Crested Caracara. Plus he sold his first 20th anniversary t-shirt today. You better get over there and get yours! They’re going to go fast once the season picks up.

Smith Point Hawk Watch, 8/10/16 (2 raptors)

Bob reports 2 Swallow-tailed Kites today. Also the first Olive-sided Flycatcher of the season, 21 Magnificent Frigatebirds and a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird hanging around the feeders for the first time this season.

Smith Point Hawk Watch 8/9/16 (3 raptors)

Bob reports only three countable birds today: Broad-winged Hawk 2 Mississippi Kite 1 Also 5 Wood Storks and a large tern and gull feeding flock over the bay. Fun to watch!

Smith Point Hawk Watch 8/7/16 (6 raptors)

Bob reports: Broad-winged Hawk 2 Red-tailed Hawk 1 Swainson’s Hawk 1 Red-shouldered Hawk 1 Swallow-tailed Kite 1 10 Wood Storks and no visitor’s. Bob’s getting lonely!

Smith Point Hawk Watch 8/6/16 (0 raptors)

Joe Kennedy reports no countable birds today. 3 local young broad-wings were around several times, a couple of cooper’s and an osprey. Red-shouldered called. One young red-tail and a couple of caracara. 12 white pelicans, 9 wood storks, and 20 white ibis

Smith Point Hawk Watch 8/3/16 (14 raptors)

Hello all, Bob reports the following on this fine hot August day: Broad-winged Hawk 9 Red-shouldered Hawk 1 Cooper’s Hawk 1 Mississippi Kite 1 Swallow-tailed Kite 2 Plus 74 Wood Storks and a large alligator in the pond.