Explore nature at night!

Night Owl Camp Out is an education and outreach program designed to teach students about nocturnal animals while allowing them to spend a night in nature. This program gives kids the chance to camp in a safe environment while learning about the nighttime world around them


How to set up camp

What are nocturnal animals?

What are the five senses?

What adaptations are helpful at night?



Night Hike/ Nocturnal Safari




If you would like to incorporate other lessons or activities, just let us know and we would be happy to tailor the curriculum to your group.


Tents and food are not provided.

Camp Outs are better with a group! So if you have a troop, club, or any other group that is interested in in the Night Owl Camp Out, contact Education and Outreach Manager Celeste Silling at csilling@gcbo.org for dates, pricing, and details.