April 16, 2022

      Virtual Bird Bash is an online event that connects people all over the world to Gulf Coast Bird Observatory and the birds that we protect. Watch us band birds, attend our virtual workshops, learn more about our conservation efforts, enter our raffle, and more! Show your support for our conservation work by making a donation, buying our merchandise, bidding in our auction, or even becoming a sponsor! All proceeds go to GCBO and our conservation efforts.

      How to Attend this Event:

      This event will take place on Facebook. The event is free and public to view, so even if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still view our videos and other content. To attend this event, go to our Facebook page on April 16 at the designated times (see schedule). Comment on our live videos to interact with us, or visit our website to buy merchandise and donate.


      Saturday, April 16, 2022

      8:00 AM- 10:00 PM  Bird Banding and Education Station

      Watch on Facebook Live to see our  monthly bird banding session. Interact with our banders, volunteers and staff live as they answer your questions and tell you about the birds we catch.

      12:00-3:00 PM  Workshops and Presentations

      We are so excited to welcome our special guests, who are experts in their fields and eager to share their knowledge. Whether live on Zoom or prerecorded, these will be broadcasted on our Facebook page.

      Sue Heath: GCBO's Eastern Willet Study

      GCBO's Director of Conservation Research, Sue Heath, will be presenting our Eastern Willet Migration Project. This program studied migration routes and wintering areas of Texas breeding Willets.

      Cin-Ty Lee: Identifying Kingbirds in Texas

      Cin-Ty Lee is a Professor in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Rice University and is an accomplished birder. In this pre-recorded presentation, he will walk us through the identification of kingbirds in Texas.

      Taylor Keys: Lights Out Texas

      Join Texan by Nature's Taylor Keys as she describes the problem of light pollution and its effects on birds. The Lights Out Texas campaign focuses on turning out lights at night during migrations to help protect the billions of migratory birds that fly over Texas annually

      2:00 PM Taylor Bennett: GCBO's Breeding Shorebird Study

      GCBO's Shorebird Biologist Taylor Bennett will be presenting live about our Breeding Shorebird Study. Tune in to learn about Wilson's Plovers, Least Terns, and Black Skimmers.

      3:00 PM   Raffle Closes

      Last call to buy raffle tickets! We won't be selling any more tickets after 3:00 PM.

      3:30 PM   Raffle Drawing and Closing Sentiments

      Closing Live Stream on Facebook Live featuring raffle ticket draw. Thanks to everyone who supported us this weekend and throughout the year! Thank you to all of our sponsors, amazing volunteers and hard-working staff!