Birding Utah

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The Great Salt Lake and its surroundings are calling! You can even combine a birding trip with skiing! Choose your 2-day Utah birding vacation, including 3 nights lodging on property adjoining a nature preserve!

  1. The middle of March is a great time to catch the Tundra Swan migration at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. It’s a white wonderland with the swans, gulls and Snow Geese. Rosy-finches are possible in the mountains and winter migrants to Utah may also be seen. It’s a great time for spring skiing! 
  2. Western and Clark’s Grebes should be dancing across the waters at the end of May. 
  3. Midsummer is a good time to view the spectacular mountain wildflowers and birds such as Lazuli Buntings and Mountain Bluebirds. 
  4. The spring and fall migrations on the Great Salt Lake are definitely worth witnessing. Hundreds of thousands of migrants can be seen from the causeway to Antelope Island including Eared and Horned Grebes, American Avocets, Wilson’s and Red-necked Phalaropes and more. Rare ducks and gulls can occasionally be seen there in the winter. The Garr Ranch at the end of Antelope Island is a migrant trap for passerines and also has a pair of Great-horned Owls in residence.birdingutah4

There are many options for this trip which includes two days of guided birding and lunch as well as 3 nights lodging on property adjoining a nature preserve!. Dates and details to be determined after the auction. High bidder will be responsible for travel to Utah.

Donated by Margaret Sloan